Stealth Electric Bikes are Australia's leading 'Electric Bicycle Manufacturer', who locally produce (Melbourne) arguably one of the worlds best electric 'sports' bicycle range.

Stealth Electric Bikes are produced using only the best components and technology available today, and are exported all over the World!

O3 Industries are now the proud distributor for Queensland in Australia!

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2Seagrass Supreme

You are what you eat! Seagrass Master produce some of the best nutritional supplements of our time, with very strong links to the prevention of cancer and many other ailments.

Seagrass products have been named as 21st Century super green foods by NASA. The FAO and WHO have both announced that Spiral Seagrass (Seaweed) is one of the best health care nutritional products.

O3 Industries are proud to represent this product in the Australasian region.

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Timestrip are a global business making technologically advanced, ''low-cost'' smart indicators that monitor elapsed time and/or temperature changes.

Timestrip patented technology can improve the rate of sale in sectors where replacement or maintenance cycles are critical to product performance, which in turn builds consumer confidence and brand value.

Timestrip's irreversible temperature indicator labels are triggered by breaches of acceptable temperature ranges. As important, they can show the duration of that temperature breach too, so we combine time and temperature monitoring technologies into one smart heat sensitive label.

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